Now and Then: A mature student’s retrospective and advice

Now and Then: A mature student’s retrospective and advice

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In 1999, a film called Never Been Kissed starring Drew Barrymore was released in theatres. Barrymore’s character is 25-year-old Josie Geller, a former high school loser “Josie Grossy” and current insecure copy editor for the Chicago Sun Times. Geller is asked to go undercover at a local high school and finds her big scoop which turns out to be a teacher who falls for her.

Aside, from currently volunteering as the comic writer for the Gazette , what does this have to do with me, or you, well you’d be surprised.

For starters, I saw it when it was originally released in theatres. Yep! I was already entering high school when it came out. In 2022, I returned to Western University – Alan Shepard was my president for the second time in a different university. But I didn’t come back to do an undercover piece about underage drinking – I simply came to change careers.

As a successful undercover, not many people at Western found out I am 15ish years older than them. But just like Josie Geller, I decided to write an article about what I have learned from my time undercover at college – the one you are reading right now.

I must say, I am super impressed by anyone choosing to attend university now – the costs of living were so much lower when I first attended college. My single student room in houses in London was only about $400 each month and everything was always included, even the Internet. Read more