However, my precious Woman Bracknell, the matter is completely in your hand

However, my precious Woman Bracknell, the matter is completely in your hand

Lady Bracknell. My dear Mr. Worthing, given that Miss Cardew claims surely you to definitely she cannot hold off right until she are thirty-five-a lso are bound to state generally seems to us to reveal a great slightly excited characteristics-I might ask people to help you you better think again the decision.

Jack. The moment you consent to my personal matrimony which have Gwendolen, I am able to most gladly allow your nephew to make a keen alliance with my ward.

Lady Bracknell. [Rising and attracting by herself up.] You need to be a little conscious everything suggest has gone out of the question.

Woman Bracknell. That isn’t the new destiny I suggest to have Gwendolen. Algernon, obviously, can pick to own themselves. [Takes out their own see.] Started, beloved, [Gwendolen increases] i have already missed five, or even six, trains. To overlook more you are going to expose us to discuss the new program.

Chasuble. [Appearing alternatively perplexed, and you will directing so you can Jack and you can Algernon.] Both these gentlemen has actually expressed an interest in immediate baptism.

Woman Bracknell. The theory is actually grotesque and you may irreligious! Algernon, I stop you to definitely end up being baptized. I won’t pay attention to of these excesses. Lord Bracknell might be highly displeased in the event the he unearthed that you to definitely are the way in which you squandered your own time and money. Read more