Your profile isn’t reflective of who you are

Your profile isn’t reflective of who you are

You live in a remote area

Another reason you might need help with dating apps is that you live in a remote area with a dearth of users.

This is an issue that no amount of profile tweaking, smooth talk or consistency can overcome, so it might be worth increasing the radius on your app or moving to a more densely populated area.

Your profile is like your online dating business card – it’s what other users will use to decide whether they’re interested in you. That’s why ensuring it accurately represents who you are is essential.

So many people hinder themselves unnecessarily by being lazy with their profiles. Even the most desirable bachelor is unlikely to make an impact if their photos and bio are poor.


Your photos are arguably the most important element of your profile. Make sure all your photos are high quality, each serving a particular purpose. Read more