A great girl forgotten in reality and you can fiction

A great girl forgotten in reality and you can fiction

YA on my Attention

Eliza Herman keeps spent age avoiding their unique calling since a beneficial Descendant off Eros. Anyway, happily-ever-afters was a myth. However when a household drama needs their particular so you’re able to submit on their own family’s Cupid-for-get store, Eliza finds out herself romantic people according to the watchful eyes regarding her advisor, Jake Sanders.

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Immediately after Eliza happen to enchants Jake as an alternative, it place guidelines to store their arrow-strike notice away. many statutes should become broken, and you can before long Eliza is actually rethinking their particular stance into true-love…until they get a hold of a good conspiracy that’ll destroy tens of thousands of relationship–together with their unique.

From inside the another globe in which Cupids is actually recognized among the many normal people, Eliza Herman, an Erosian exactly who prevent being a beneficial Cupid has to end up being one to once again to aid their own family business off going underplicating matters are that she affect enchants their youngsters best friend, crush and current coach, Jake, for example a great sexual-tension filled functioning relationships at least, and you may a separate experience in which mans enchantments are breaking down. Read more