Tantric Buddhism is recognized for their mystical traditions, plus sexual traditions (Melton 2009: 1047)

Tantric Buddhism is recognized for their mystical traditions, plus sexual traditions (Melton 2009: 1047)

Synod: An official meeting regarding ministers or other people in this new Christian church. Which term also can make reference to a link off places of worship, including the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (Smith and you may Green 1995: 1044).

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Taliban: Islamic militants who were trained DateUkrainianGirl mobile app in Pakistani refugee camps in the Russo-Afghan combat. The latest Taliban took power over Afghanistan on the middle-1990s and you will became they with the a theocratic county under Mullah Muhammad O as condition try delivering safeguards and you can protection in order to Osama container Packed and you can al-Qaeda (Prothero 2008: 285).

Talmud: A book of comments and way of living complementing the latest Torah or any other Old testament blog. There are 2 Talmuds: the first is called the Talmud of your own House out-of Israel, and you will is finished in Israel ranging from eight hundred-five-hundred Le. The second reason is called the Talmud out-of Babylonia, and you may try done up to 600 Le when you look at the expose-day Iraq (Smith and you will Green 1995: 1048).

Tension: A term referring to the amount of distinctiveness, separation and you can antagonism about relationship anywhere between a religious class and you will brand new “outside” world (Stark and you can Finke 2000: 281)

Tantra: An enthusiastic mystical culture well-known in order to both Hinduism and you can Buddhism (discover Tantric Buddhism). They will defies status and you can gender orthopraxy, which can be believed to end up in nirvana smaller (Esposito et al. 2012b: G-11).

Tantric (Vajrayana) Buddhism: A form of Buddhism that combines areas of new Theravadan heritage additionally the Mahayanan society in accordance with the religion one things are penetrated from the one stamina (Shakti) emanating out-of Goodness. They originated India around the fifth century Ce. They exhibits alone inside three straight ways: positive masculine, bad female, as well as the union of these two.

Taoism: Among the many around three “Great Lessons out-of Asia,” along with Buddhism and you can Confucianism. Lao tzu (570-490 BCE) oriented Taoism, when you’re Chuang Tzu (370-290 BCE) subsequent state-of-the-art they inside Asia. It viewed Confucianism once the a blank band of traditions, and offered mind-cultivation compliment of naturalness and love of life. This is certainly also known as “philosophical Taoism,” instead of “religious Taoism,” which is an after setting one to stresses actual immortality thanks to meditation and you will fat reduction practices (Prothero 2008: 286).

Televangelism: Using tv to educate viewers about Christianity. Well-known televangelists are Tap Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Benny Hinn. The fresh Religious Sending out Network (CBN) are an example of an effective Christian television route useful for the fresh purposes of televangelists. Based on how survey experts investigation televangelism, view here.

Televangelist: An excellent preacher exactly who engages in televangelism (we.elizabeth., lookin on tv in order to preach Christianity). Examples include Tap Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and you may Benny Hinn.

Temperance: Best control over a person’s wishes and another of four cardinal virtues throughout the Catholic lifestyle. It has been of abstaining regarding alcoholic drinks (see Temperance Movement) (McBrien ).

Temperance Direction: An excellent century-long work, beginning in the nineteenth century, to denounce alcohol consumption in the united states. Of several temperance communities, such as the Western Temperance People (est. 1826) and you can Women’s Religious Temperance Partnership (est. ), had direct connections to Protestantism and you will Religious thought. Eight of the sixteen creators of Western temperance Area had been clergyman. The temperance course slow age increasingly unpopular (Reid mais aussi al 1990).

Temple: Spiritual structures for routine circumstances and you can social praise (pick as well as Synagogue getting Jews). He’s identified during the Judaism, Mormonism, Hinduism, and you will Buddhism. Around and stayed temples from inside the Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome (Smith and Environmentally friendly 1995: 1059-1062).

10 Commandments (Decalogue): Spiritual and you can ethical laws and regulations given to Moses by the God to your Attach Sinai. So it tale is situated in the brand new Hebrew Bible (Old-testament) courses regarding Exodus and Deuteronomy. Brand new 10 Commandments start with loans for the Jesus and you may prevent with personal debt to the one another. You can find Catholic, Protestant, and you will Jewish variations of those statutes (Prothero 2008: 190).